Your Cabinet.

Your Cabinet.

Our Cabinet is unique. We have a dynamic mixture of experience and creativity that will serve our mission: Moving Jewell Forward. Drew and Luce’s past involvement on Senate will improve the efficacy of our Cabinet, and Jacob and Chris provide fresh insights on the student experience. Together, we will develop innovative policies that are reflective of our students’ needs. We invite you to read below to learn more about our Cabinet members. We thank you for the opportunity to be Your Cabinet.

— Drew, Luce, Jacob, and Chris

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Drew Novak

Drew Novak, running as President, is a junior political science major who has served a year and a half on Student Senate. During his tenure, he has served on both the policy and external engagement committees and has worked on a wide array of issues ranging from intramural time changes to building campus unity. In particular, Drew has been involved in discussions on the alcohol policy, was a key figure in developing the Campus Leaders’ Summit and pushed hard to have Chicken Strips in the Dining Hall more often. Beyond Senate, Drew maintains an active presence on campus. He is a First-Year Resident Assistant in Eaton, Page Editor for the Hilltop Monitor, Student Representative on the Board of Trustees Finance and Investment committee, associate member of Lambda Chi Alpha and tutor for Responsible Self. Drew hopes to serve on Senate next year because he believes that next year’s Senate will have a unique opportunity to have a profound impact on William Jewell.

Luce-Virlynn Apollon

Luce-Virlynn Apollon, running as Vice President, is a junior Nursing and ACT-In major. This past year, Luce served on the Student Senate Cabinet as Treasurer. Previously, she worked on the Senate communications committee acting as a link between the Senate and the student body. She is also involved in Greek Life, Concert Choir, Cardinal Blazers, The Pryor Leadership Studies Program, Student Life as a Resident Assistant in Eaton, and Black Student Association. With her multi-faceted experience of Jewell, Luce will make a great addition to the Student Senate Cabinet to ensure the functionality of Student Senate. In her free time, Luce enjoys lots of Netflix and dreaming of big summer plans.

Jacob Dice

Jacob Dice, running as Treasurer, is a first-year Economics, Mathematics, and Physics major. Jacob has been actively involved in the physics department conducting research as a Pillsbury Scholar and completing fluid imaging work at St. Louis University. Further, Jacob is involved in DECA, Society of Physics Students, Sigma Pi Sigma, and is re-initializing Economics club. With his widespread studies and experience at Jewell, Jacob will provide a holistic approach to not only the Treasurer position, but all of Cabinet. He believes “Moving Jewell Forward” requires a strong focus on student experience and an unrivaled academic environment. These two components will raise Jewell to the next tier, and Jacob is ready to bring important ideas and policy to the table. As the Treasurer, Jacob will use his financial experience from his family’s business and economics background to help Senate’s budget have the maximum impact on our campus. As a member of Student Senate Cabinet, Jacob will be an advocate for the student body and work to ensure the best student experience.

Chris Choe

Chris Choe, running as Secretary, is a first year Oxbridge Institutions and Policy, International Relations, and ACT-In major. This past year, Chris has been involved in Greek Life, Men’s Tennis, the Pryor Leadership Studies Program, and the Jewellverse Student Advisory Board. He is passionate about creating positive relationships between the students and faculty and improving daily student life at Jewell. In his own time, Chris enjoys eating Ben and Jerry’s and going to Chipotle.